SimpsonHeadshotDavenport, Iowa – Retired social worker Jean Simpson announced today that she will seek election as State Representative in House District 92, which includes parts of Davenport and the cities of Eldridge, Blue Grass, Walcott, Long Grove and Donahue. The seat is currently held by Rep. Ross Paustian.

“I’m running for the Iowa House because it’s clear to me that my grandchildren will not have the same opportunities that I had growing up in Iowa,” said Simpson, who is grandmother of 7. “I was born and raised in Iowa by two teachers. My father was raised on a small farm and taught me that if you worked hard, did the right thing and treated others with respect you could have a good middle class life. That’s now disappearing at an alarming rate. Years of politicians catering to special interests in Des Moines have created an economy that leaves too many behind, with underfunded schools and a health care system that is either unaffordable or inaccessible. I want a better future for my grandchildren and all Iowans. That’s why I’m running for the Iowa House. ”

Simpson graduated from Marycrest College and received a Master’s Degree from the University of Iowa. She chose to dedicate her career to serving her community. Simpson has been a social worker for 40 years where she focused on breaking the cycle of addiction and poverty, so all Iowans can thrive. Simpson retired from the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency. She previously worked for the Eastern Iowa Center for Problem Gamblers and Eagles Food Center.

“Our political system isn’t looking out for everyday Iowans and those struggling to make it,” said Simpson. “I want to work with democrats, independents and republicans to take on the serious issues facing our state. We can all agree that we need good jobs, safe streets, and affordable healthcare, so let’s put party labels aside and work together to get things done for Iowans. I spent my career advocating for vulnerable populations, now the working class is becoming the vulnerable population. Enough is enough. I am ready to go to work for Iowa”

Simpson loves spending time with family and her close friends. She enjoys reading, writing, outdoor activities, volunteering, and the relentless pursuit of leaving the world a better place.

More information about Jean can be found at

Facebook: @JeanSimpsonforIowa

Twitter: @Simpson4Iowa