A  new article recently appeared in AOL Jobs touting Iowa and surrounding states as the new “brain belt”. The ability to bring in newly graduated young people to the area to take advantage of the high-tech, global recognized companies, is making Iowa a new “hot spot” for jobs.

From the article:

That’s right. We said Brain Belt, not Bran Belt. It includes once bucolic-sounding cities like Sioux Falls, Des Moines and Boise, which consistently rank high in quality of living, and low in unemployment (6.2 percent in some areas). There are jobs in health care, finance, technology and other well-paying fields. Also, the lower housing, goods and real estate costs, plus excellent public schools and universities draw large professional service firms, information companies and innovative manufacturers.

Prestigious companies such as Dell Computers, U.S. Bank Corp. and Clarion have all expanded and invested heavily in Heartland areas, and Wells Fargo is setting up a huge new office complex of nearly 1 million square feet in a Des Moines suburb.

To read the rest of the article visit: http://jobs.aol.com/articles/2010/09/01/hot-jobs-in/