In a new report by 24/7 Wall St,  Iowa was ranked third best run state because of its low unemployment rate, growing economy after the national recession, and it’s access to affordable health care.
From the 24-7 Wall St Report:
Iowa ranks 7th in education, with more than 90.5% of 25-year-olds having completed high school or the state equivalent. It is also sixth in lowest debt per capita and has the third-lowest rate of citizens without health insurance, with only 8.6% without coverage. While the Hawkeye State may be known for its corn fields, its economy is meaningfully supported by The University of Iowa, which accounts for one in every 30 jobs in the state. Iowa’s governors have been smart to invest heavily in the institution, and have reaped the benefits: the state ranks eighth lowest in the U.S. for unemployment, which stands at 6.8%.
The 24/7 Wall St  State of the States  report is an analysis that focuses on state management and financial operations.

24/7 Wall St  looked at hundreds of data sets ranging from debt rating agency reports to violent crime rates, unemployment trends and median income.

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