Iowa was ranked second in the country, with over 38.7% of Iowa residents volunteering in 2009. With Iowans volunteering an average of 47 hours annually this surpasses last year’s rank of fifth, according to the recent “Volunteering in America” report released by the Corporation for National and Community Service. Iowans devoted a total of 109 million hours to volunteering in 2009.

Where do cities in Iowa stack up?

• Iowa City has the 2nd highest Volunteer Rate for any city in the country, with 50% of residents volunteering in 2009 (2nd overall, 2nd for midsize cities). Iowa City and Provo, UT (1st) are the only two places in the country with half of their residents volunteering regularly.
• Des Moines has the 6th highest volunteer rate in the country for any city at 39.7%—up from 12th in 2008—(6th overall/6th for midsize cities for 2009). This is an improvement from 2008 when Des Moines was 12th overall/ 9th for midsized cities)
• Waterloo/Cedar Falls rates 13th in the country with 36.4% of its residents volunteering (13th for midsize/15th overall)
• Cedar Rapids is rated 15th in the country with 34.8% of its residents volunteering (15th for midsize/19th overall)