Yahoo Finance recently released the top ten states with low unemployment rates. Iowa showed up at number 10 on that list with a 6.8% unemployment rate, under the national average by 2.7%. Iowa has been steadily gaining jobs throughout the year, in just July Iowa gained 1,700 jobs over June and 3,700 jobs over July 2009.

Here’s what Yahoo Finance had to say:

Iowa: Outperforming with a diverse economy plus agriculture

Unemployment Rate: 6.8%

Lower Than America’s Unemployment Rate By: 2.7%

Major Industries Driving The State’s Economy: While commonly perceived as an agricultural hub, Iowa actually boasts a surprisingly diverse economy with jobs in the manufacturing, biotech, finance, insurance, and government services — all of which contribute to a strong hiring market. The S&P gave the state a Triple-A rating in 2009 (only one of nine to hold the position then).

Education: 24.3% of the adult population has a Bachelor’s degree or higher. (Lower than average)

To read about all the states made the list visit:—-and-why-535377.html?tickers=^dji,^gspc,spy,dia,udn,edv,uup