Iowa was named the fifth best run state by a new study out by 24/7 Iowa was credited for having high rates of educated and insured residents. It was found that 90.6% of residents 25 years and older have at least a high school diploma and only 9.3% of residents do not have health insurance. According to 24/7 these are among the best rates in the country.

Iowa was also touted for having an exceptionally low unemployment rate and the highest credit rating available,which is an example of it’s healthy economy.

The 24/7 Wall St. Best and Worst Run States is an analysis that focused on  each state’s financial health based on factors including credit score and debt, how a state uses its resources to provide its residents with high living standards, reviewing dimensions such as health insurance, employment rate, and low crime and a good education.

Iowa was ranked behind, Wyoming, Nebraska, North Dakota and Minnesota.