Iowa Lawmakers: Trump Administration Must Reverse Course on Tariffs, Trade War

Democratic lawmakers in the Iowa House filed a resolution today calling on Iowa Republican elected officials to take immediate action and force the Trump Administration to reverse course on tariffs and the looming trade war.

“Iowa farmers have lost thousands in the last few weeks before their crops have even been planted and their livestock hits the market. It’s time to engage in constructive dialogue to negotiate beneficial trade policy that keeps markets open for Iowans,” said Rep. Todd Prichard, Ranking Member of the House Agriculture Committee.

Earlier this month, President Trump announced tariffs on certain steel and aluminum imports and China retaliated with a 25% increase in tariffs on multiple American exports, including soybeans and pork.  Iowa is a leading producer and exporter of corn, soybeans, and pork. In 2017, Iowa exported over $13.2 billion in manufactured goods and value-added agricultural products to 185 countries.

“Iowa Republicans have stood lock-step with President Trump for the last two years, but it’s time for them to finally do what’s best for Iowa.  Every day the threat of this trade war continues, Iowans are losing money and markets for their products.  Iowa Republican leaders need to take bold action, hold President Trump accountable, and make sure no Iowans lose their job or their farm,” added House Democratic Leader Mark Smith of Marshalltown.  “Iowans deserve it.”

View a copy of the House Resolution filed.