Today, House Democratic Leader Todd Prichard announced committee assignments for 2021 Legislative Session. Below are the assignments by committee:

Below are the assignments by member:

Ako Abdul-Samad
International Relations-RM, Environmental Protection, Ethics, Local Government, Public Safety, Administration and Regulation Budget

Marti Anderson
Justice Systems Budget-RM, Environmental Protection, Human Resources, Public Safety

Liz Bennett
Economic Growth-RM, Human Resources, Information Technology, Natural Resources, Transportation, Infrastructure and Capitals Budget

Christina Bohannan

Information Technology, Judiciary, State Government, Agriculture and Natural Resources Budget

Wes Breckenridge
Public Safety-RM, Agriculture, Natural Resources, Veterans Affairs, Agriculture and Natural Resources Budget

Timi Brown-Powers
Natural Resources-RM, Human Resources, Veterans Affairs, Ways and Means, Health and Human Services Budget

Sue Cahill
Education, Labor, Veterans Affairs, Education Budget

Dennis Cohoon
Transportation, Infrastructure and Capitals Budget-RM, Natural Resources, State Government, Transportation

Molly Donahue
Education, Environmental Protection, Labor, State Government, Health and Human Services Budget

Tracy Ehlert
Education, Human Resources, Labor, Economic Development Budget

John Forbes
Health and Human Services Budget-RM, Appropriations, Human Resources, Transportation

Ruth Ann Gaines
Government Oversight-RM, Education, Ethics, Veterans Affairs

Eric Gjerde
Agriculture, State Government, Veterans Affairs, Ways and Means

Chris Hall
Appropriations-RM, Commerce, Information Technology, Natural Resources, Legislative Council

Steve Hansen
Agriculture, Commerce, Judiciary, Transportation, Economic Development Budget

Bruce Hunter
Labor-RM, Local Government, State Government, Veterans Affairs, Administration and Regulation Budget

Chuck Isenhart
Environmental Protection, Government Oversight, Local Government, Ways and Means

Dave Jacoby
Ways and Means-RM, Commerce, Economic Growth, Natural Resources

Lindsay James
Administration and Rules, Agriculture, Economic Growth, Government Oversight, Ways and Means

Kenan Judge
Agriculture-RM, Commerce, Economic Growth, Natural Resources, Economic Development Budget

Jennifer Konfrst
Administration and Rules, Appropriations, State Government, Transportation, Legislative Council

Bob Kressig
Transportation-RM, Commerce, Public Safety, Transportation, Infrastructure and Capitals Budget

Monica Kurth
Ethics-RM, Economic Growth, Environmental Protection, Labor, Ways and Means, Heath and Human Services Budget

Mary Mascher
State Government-RM, Administration and Rules, Education, Human Resources, International Relations, Transportation, Infrastructure and Capitals Budget

Charlie McConkey
Administration and Rules, Commerce, Economic Growth, Labor, Ways and Means, Legislative Council

Brian Meyer
Administration and Rules, Commerce, Judiciary, Transportation, Legislative Council

Amy Nielsen
Local Government-RM, Commerce, Ways and Means, Administration and Regulation Budget, Administrative Rules Review Committee

Jo Oldson
Commerce-RM, Appropriations, Judiciary, Local Government

Rick Olson
Administrative Rules Review Committee-RM, Agriculture, Government Oversight, Judiciary, Public Safety

Todd Prichard
Administration and Rules, Legislative Council

Kirsten Running-Marquardt
Economic Development Budget-RM, Appropriations, Economic Growth, Labor, Transportation

Ras Smith
Education-RM, Agriculture, Information Technology, Natural Resources

Art Staed
Environmental Protection-RM, Economic Growth, Local Government, Ways and Means, Education Budget

Sharon Steckman
Agriculture and Natural Resources Budget-RM, Appropriations, Education, Information Technology, Public Safety

Kristen Sunde
Administration and Regulation Budget-RM, Human Resources, International Relations, Public Safety, Transportation

Phyllis Thede
Administration and Rules-RM, Appropriations, Local Government, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Natural Resources Budget

Beth Wessel-Kroeschell
Human Resources-RM, Judiciary, Public Safety, Justice Systems Budget

Ross Wilburn
Veterans Affairs-RM, Appropriations, Judiciary, State Government, Justice Systems Budget

Dave Williams
Information Technology-RM, Agriculture, Appropriations, Education Budget

Cindy Winckler
Education Budget-RM, Appropriations, Education, Environmental Protection, Local Government

Mary Wolfe
Judiciary-RM, Agriculture, State Government, Ways and Means, Justice Systems Budget