Governor Chet Culver announced today that Iowa received an additional $11.6 million to put over 2,000 Iowans back to work rebuilding parks, infrastructure and public facilities damaged by last summer’s devastating storms.  The money comes from the National Emergency Grant program and Iowa initially received $17.1 million.  To apply for one of the positions, Iowans should contact their local workforce development office.

More from the Gov’s Office:

Administered through Iowa Workforce Development, the grant provides assistance to Iowans. The grant is primarily designed to assist with putting unemployed Iowans back to work rebuilding the state’s public facilities, infrastructure and parks. Each individual is eligible to receive up to $12,000 in wages for participating in the clean-up efforts and the wages are paid at a rate that significantly exceeds unemployment insurance compensation rates. The grant targets the counties declared eligible for FEMA’s Public Assistance Program during the summer of 2008.

The emergency funds have been used to provide temporary employment on projects for the clean-up, demolition, repair, renovation, and reconstruction of destroyed public structures, facilities, and lands within the affected communities. In addition, these funds may be used to perform work on the homes of economically disadvantaged individuals who are eligible for the Federally funded weatherization program, with priority given to services for the elderly and individuals with disabilities.

The increased grant will allow up to 2,008 Iowans to participate in the Emergency Public Jobs program through June 30, 2010. As of March 31, 2009, 993 Iowans have participated in the program. In 1993, over $25 million in federal funding provided necessary wages for Iowa’s restoration efforts.

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