0525807rep-d-olson-2007reduced.jpgKey legislators from the Iowa House and Senate say the 2008 session has made or is about to make major accomplishments in making Iowa a leader in the new energy economy while making the state more energy independent.

“These measures will continue the progress we’ve made in renewable energy and move us a closer to our goal of energy independence,” said State Representative Donovan Olson, Boone, the chair of the House Environmental Protection Committee. “From good-paying jobs to a cleaner environment to added value to our agricultural products, renewable energy and energy efficiency efforts are good for our state.”

“Iowa’s already created 1,800 green color jobs,” said State Senator Jeff Danielson, Blackhawk. “At the same time, we are reducing our dependence on foreign oil.”

The legislators outlined an Iowa energy agenda which included measures to:

  • Additional $25 million investment in the Iowa Power Fund to stimulate Iowa’s alternative energy economy
  • Encourage the creation of wind energy projects to provide power on site to major users (SF 2223)
  • Make wind energy tax credits refundable (SF 2223)
  • Encourage state banks to become major players in wind energy projects (SF 2223)
  • Increase the role energy efficiency standards play in building codes (SF 517)
  • Promote sustainable energy design (SF 517)
  • Energy bank reauthorization so schools can invest energy efficiency improvements without raising property taxes (SF 517)
  • Expanded research and grants for renewable energy research (SF 517)