Iowa has joined the majority of other states in the country that have stricter laws for drivers who text and drive.

Previously, Iowans could not be pulled over for only texting while driving, unless they committed another offense for the purpose of the stop. Iowa was one 1 of 5 states in the country that enforced texting while driving in that manner.

According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), there were 1,100 total crashes in 2015 as a result of distracted driving by use of a phone or other devices. Of those crashes, 14 resulted in fatalities and there were 601 injuries.

The new law will still allow someone to talk on their phone and does not require the phone to be in hands-free mode while operating. Similar legislation that required a mobile device be in hands-free mode pass the House Transportation committee earlier in the legislative session, but never made it to the floor of the Iowa House.