As part of Iowa’s continued effort to help small businesses, the Iowa Department of Economic Development Board announced Iowa Demonstration Fund awards and business expansion awards.

Environmentally Friendly Shipping Solutions in West Burlington

The Iowa Economic Development Board awarded West Burlington company, Green Line Amour, a $75,000 Iowa Demonstration Fund award to develop the Green Line Armor Hybrid Sustained Use Pallet, or SUP.

Identifying Environmental Efficiencies for Energy Companies in West Des Moines

Statistics & Control (S&C) is a full-service control engineering company based in West Des Moines, Iowa offering a broad range of services. The board awarded S&C $75,000 from the Iowa Demonstration Fund to increase its exposure in the oil and gas industry.

New Job Opportunities in Medical Equipment in Iowa City

Jim’s Instrument Manufacturing, Inc. collaborates with researchers from educational, corporate, and quasi-government agencies in the design and production of medical instruments, and general fabrications for use in industrial applications.A $61,000 Iowa Demonstration Fund Award was approved by the Board, which will allow the company to expand its market share, offer sustainable employment opportunities to qualified highly-skilled staff, as well as new positions to apprentice tradesmen.

New Mobile Application Launch in Des Moines

Des Moines’ BitMethod is a web-service driven application development firm focused on building interactive applications delivered on multiple platforms. BitMethod plans to use the $50,000 Iowa Demonstration Fund awarded today by the board to launch their new application Knych.

Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Technology Developments in Iowa City

Celadon Applications, LLC is a provider of products for the hybrid and electric vehicle industry headquartered in Iowa City, IA. The Iowa Economic Development Board awarded $85,000 from the Iowa Demonstration Fund for marketing efforts targeted to a vehicle-embedded version, and later, directly at consumers, including a cell phone application and a standalone device similar to a Garmin.

Advanced Law Enforcement Technology in Des Moines

ASTRUM LLC (ASTRUM) in Des Moines received a $150,000 Iowa Demonstration Fund Award from the board to market and receive product certification for their product STARS™ (Structural Tactical Acoustic Receiver and Sender). STARS™ combines intelligence gathering and wireless communication capabilities for use by civilian law enforcement.

Decorah Company to Develop Unique Sports Brace in Iowa

Decorah’s Draz Athletics LLC produces athletic and therapy products assisting thousands of athletes at all ages and levels, in 30 sports, to perform better. The IDED Board awarded $40,000 from the Iowa Demonstration Fund to Draz Athletics LLC to build the brace domestically using an Iowa based manufacturer and components.

Wind Turbines for Suburbs Developed in Ankeny

Stirling Wind Systems manufactures and plans to commercialize the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT). The $150,000 Iowa Demonstration Fund awarded will go towards the production of the demonstration systems needed for public research collection, produce two final revisions of the prototypes for 3rd party certification and patent generation, and additional manufacturing and marketing costs.

The Economic Development Board’s support for three Iowa companies expanding operations.

Large investment in Modernization for Waterloo Company

The John Deere Foundry in Waterloo will undergo an estimated $100 million modernization. When completed, the investment will allow the company to leverage more advanced casting designs and manufacturing technologies. The Iowa Economic Development Boards approved tax credits from the High Quality Jobs Program for retention and modernization.

Advance in Value-Added Ag Products in Council Bluffs

Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy, LLC (SIRE), an ethanol producer in Council Bluffs, plans to install corn oil tricanter equipment (“Tricanter”) using innovative technology that will allow the plant to recover corn oil at the completion of the ethanol process. The Board awarded the company $300,000 from the Grow Iowa Values Financial Assistance Program, Value-Added Agriculture Component and tax benefits through the High Quality Jobs Program.

State of the Art Value-Added Ag Technology in Keokuk

Roquette America, Inc., headquartered in Keokuk, is a manufacturer of value-added ingredients from corn serving the food, beverage, confectionery, pharmaceutical, personal care, animal food, and industrial markets. The IDED board awarded Roquette tax benefits through the High Quality Jobs Program (HQJP) to support this project with an estimated capital investment of $41,500,000.