The Iowa Army of Pink, a group of breast cancer survivors and supporters, hit the State Capitol today to encourage legislators to improve reporting of breast cancer screenings.

“My breast cancer diagnosis was delayed for 5 years because I have breast dense tissue,” said Bridget Pargulski, leader of the Iowa Army of Pink. “I was never informed my mammogram only had a 50/50 chance of diagnosing breast cancer because of breast dense tissue. There is disconnect between what radiologist know and the information women receive. We have a large window of opportunity to stop breast cancer in the early stages.”

“Thousands of lives can be saved when women understand the risks of breast dense tissue,” said Kellie Leasure of Cedar Falls.

The bill sponsored by Rep. Miller, which was filed today, adds breast density information to mammogram reports sent to Iowa women with dense breast tissue. Research shows dense breast tissue can hide cancer and other abnormalities typically found in mammograms.

“My thanks to the breast cancer survivors who shared their stories with legislators today and are working to improve reporting on mammograms for women with dense breast tissue,” said State Representative Helen Miller of Ft. Dodge, who sponsored a bill in the Iowa House this year. “This bill will help detect breast cancer sooner and save lives.”

A similar bill has already passed a Senate subcommittee.

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