In the House Democrats’ “2009 Agenda for Securing Iowa’s Economic Future” we talk about how we need to pass legislation to crack down on corporate CEO’s who knowingly recruit and hire illegal immigrants – including tough new penalties for violation of child labor laws and wage laws.  The Iowa Independent has a story:

The Iowa Independent broke the news today that former Agriprocessors CEO Sholom Rubashkin has been arrested by federal officials for allegedly conspiring to hire undocumented workers for financial gain.  Since Election Day is only days away, the story is likely to have a political impact.

So who’s the big winner from all of this?

My first instinct is to say that this helps Democratic candidates for the Iowa House, who have been proposing to “protect our jobs by cracking down on CEOs who hire illegal immigrants” in television ads, mailings, and other communications for some time.

That these were federal charges and not state charges is unlikely to matter.  Iowans will wake up tomorrow to newspapers that say a CEO has been ‘cracked down on,’ and Democrats’ television ads will begin to resonate even more.

Here are ads from two candidates for Iowa House — Larry Marek and John Beard — that both use the ‘cracking down on CEOs’ line at about the 25-second mark:

You can find the ads at the House Democratic Caucus YouTube page.