House Debate @ 9 am & 1 pm

  • HF 2539, health care commission recommendations
  • HF 2400, Surface Water Protection Act
  • HF 2164, voluntary diversity or court-ordered school desegregation plans under the state’s open enrollment law
  • SF 2111, blood lead testing and dental screening of children
  • HF 2391, commission on Native American affairs
  • HF 2440, exempting certain military personnel and veterans from a requirement to complete a hunter safety and ethics education course before obtaining a hunting license
  • HF 2372, electronic benefits transfer program by the department of human services
  • HF 2385, allowable investments by the treasurer of state and other authorized state agencies
  • HF 2392, delinquent notices by utilities or cities

Committee Highlights

Appropriations @ 10 am (Supreme Court Chamber)

  • HSB 772, judicial brand appropriations
  • HSB 773, justice systems budget
  • HSB 779, optical scan voting machines

Subcommittee Highlights

HF 2351,  tax credits for redevelopment of underutilized properties (following ways and means committee, Supreme Court Consultation)