HF 2075     Coverage of Cancer Trial Routine Care.  Requires health insurers to continue to cover routine care for participants in cancer trials. (passed House 96-0) In Senate Commerce


Economic Growth

HSB 504     Technical Changes to DED Programs and Board.  Makes technical changes to the  High Quality Jobs tax incentives, and the report required by the regents on the Values Fund. Under the Iowa Student intern program, an Iowa high school graduate who attends a college in another state would qualify.  The bill would stagger the terms for the DED board members.  (Passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 550     Arts Projects at State Buildings.  The Department of Administrative Services would now contract for funds allocated for this purpose.  The Department of Cultural Affairs would still report on the financial assistance spent for arts projects.  The estimated costs for fine arts would no longer be included in the amount calculated for arts purposes in national surveys. (Passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar



HF 495       Participation in Varsity Interscholastic Athletic Contests.  Changes the requirement from 90 days to 180 days that a student, who is participating in open enrollment, must wait before participating in interscholastic athletic contests. (passed Committee 21 – 1) to House Calendar



HF 2109     Ethics Reforms.  Reforms, including pre-registration of receptions, requiring clients to disclose the total amount they spend on lobbying activities, and expanding the powers of the House Ethics Committee, to increase the accuracy and transparency of reports and provide better public access to this information.  (Passed House 100-0) to Senate


Human Resources

HF 2144     Public Health Omnibus Bill.  This is the Department of Public Health’s Omnibus bill.  The bill makes changes dealing with public health disaster school closings, school dental screenings, and other provisions.  (passed Committee 19-2) to House Calendar

HSB 507     Pharmaceutical-delivering Contact Lenses.  Authorizes certified optometrists to supply pharmaceutical-delivering contact lenses to patients as deemed necessary.  (passed Committee 19-2) to House Calendar

HSB 516     Lead Certification and Training Program.  Authorized IDPH to use increased fees to obtain additional staff to process the certifications for renovation contractors, to approve training providers, educate renovation contractors regarding the new rules, and conduct random spot-checks to determine if renovation contractors are complying with the rules.  The fee was increased from $50 up to $60 by administrative rule. (passed Committee 12-9) to House Calendar

HSB 518     Local Public Health Governance Act.  Provides for the structure, powers, and duties of the local boards of health.  The bill also provides an optional process for counties to merge and create a district board of health. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 519     State Board of Health.  Reassembles the membership of the State Board of Health to include a licensed physician and individuals with direct experience with public health.  In addition, the duties of the board are set in more general terms, rather than specific duties.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 520     Emergency Medical Care Providers.  Requires licensure than certification of emergency medical care providers, as well as, redefines an emergency medical care provider.  Provides a civil penalty if licensure is not complied with. (passed Committee 19-2) to House Calendar



HSB 558     Uniform Disclaimer of Property.  Amends Iowa code regarding tax qualified disclaimers or transfers of property and conforms Iowa law to federal law.  (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar




HF 681       Iowa Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN).  HF 681 establishes an Iowa WARN Act.  It requires employers of 25 or more full-time people to notify employees, or their representatives, and the department of workforce development of business closings that result in a layoff of 25 or more full-time employees in a 30-day period.  The bill applies to public and private employers.  Among the exemptions are faltering companies or unforeseeable business circumstances, a natural disaster, or the layoff of strike replacement workers.  (passed Committee 16-0; passed House 81-18) to Senate.


Local Government

SF 434        Nuisance Properties.  Prevents properties that are considered nuisance properties from going to tax sale, and refunds tax certificate holder if a nuisance citation is filed by the city after the sale.  (Passed Committee 19-0)  To House Calendar.


Natural Resources

HF 721       Carry Detached Magazine with Long-Guns.  Current law prohibits a person from having a loaded magazine detached from their long-gun while in their vehicle on a public highway.  The gun and magazine has to be unloaded.  This bill allows detached magazines to be loaded, but the long-gun has to be taken down (disassembled/not operable) or totally contained in a securely fastened case.  This bill only pertains to long-guns, not hand-guns.  (passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar



Veterans Affairs

HF 755       Injured Veterans Grant Program.  Expands eligibility for the Injured Veterans Grant Program to include veterans who have suffered an injury requiring at least 30 consecutive days of hospitalization at a military hospital.  (passed Committee 17-0) to House Calendar

HF 2055     Military Home Ownership Assistance Program.  Allows military members to use lenders that are not currently associated with the Iowa Finance Authority (IFA) to obtain mortgages through the home ownership assistance program. Outside lenders are able to apply for IFA’s programs. (passed Committee 16-0) to House Calendar

HF 2060     Trailers Used Exclusively in Veterans Flag Ceremonies and Parades.  Exempts trailer registration for any trailer that is used exclusively for the transportation, display, and distribution of flags in parades or ceremonies.  The trailers can only be used on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or other patriotic occasions.  A local government must pass a resolution allowing for the exemption of the registration of the trailer; the resolution must accompany the trailer at all times.  (passed Committee 17-0) to House Floor.

HF 2061     Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Program Curriculum.  Authorizes the Board of Educational Examiners to issue statements of professional recognition for persons qualified as instructors of the junior reserve officer training corps program curriculum. (passed Committee 17-0) to House Calendar

HF 2110     Military Spouse Unemployment Benefits.  Allows unemployment benefits for an individual who left employment because of the relocation of the individual’s spouse due to a military assignment in another area.  Benefits would be paid out of the Unemployment Trust Fund. (passed House 56-44) to Senate

HSB 540          Tax Exempts Certain Veterans Benefits.  Exempts certain veterans benefits from the state individual income tax.  Qualified veterans who receive reimbursement from the Veterans Trust Fund for travel