House Debate @ 9 a.m.

HF 247 — voting member representation on joint E911 service boards for cities or townships providing fire protection services through a volunteer fire department (Rep. Huser, floor manager)

SF 572 — extending state tax benefits for use of soy-based transformer fluid by electric utilities and including effective and applicability date provisions (Rep. Kelley, floor manager)

Committee Highlights

Economic Growth @ 2 p.m. in Supreme Court Consultation Room —

  • HSB 539, private activity bond allocation procedures
  • HF 2035, enterprise zone distress criteria

Commerce @ 3 p.m. in Supreme Court Chambers — HSB 537, Smokefree Air Act (statewide ban in public places)

Judiciary @ 1 p.m. in Supreme Court Consultation Room

  • HSB 505, regulation of shorthand reporters
  • HF 818, prohibits donations to agencies or groups as part of sentencing or penalty

Labor @ 3 p.m. in Supreme Court Consultation Room — HF 2002, exemptions to state minimum wage requirements

Transportation @ 3 p.m. in Room 19 —

  • HSB 514, technical regulations of motor vehicles
  • HF 2018, electronic payments at DOT service sites

Subcommittee Highlights (House Lobby Lounge unless noted)

8 am (Supreme Court Consultation Room) — HF 2066, repeal local option infrastructure tax for schools and replace with statewide tax for school infrastructure and property tax relief

8 am — SF 348, county gambling referendums

8 am — HF 2056, subsidization of personal needs allowance

9 am — HF 2067, local regulation of smoking

11:30 am — HSB 590, child support payments and cost of living/standard of living for parents

1:45 pm — HSB 519, definition of sexual abuse