A public hearing scheduled Monday at the State Capitol to gather input from Iowans on Republican school funding plans has been scheduled in a committee room that isn’t big enough to hold legislators and the public.

“The public hearing is for legislators to listen to parents, teachers, school officials, and Iowans about the impact of the Republican school funding plan on our kids,” said Rep. Sharon Steckman of Mason City. “With over 50 people already signed up to speak, the room chosen by the Speaker isn’t even big enough to hold the 150 legislators who should be there to listen to Iowans. Either House Republicans aren’t interested in listening to Iowans or they don’t think the public should be able to hear what their fellow Iowans have to say. It’s shameful for the Speaker and House Republicans to limit access.”

The public hearing is scheduled for Monday, January 26 at 7 pm in the Supreme Court Chamber, which only holds 115 people. The hearing is to gather input from Iowans on a Republican school funding plan that provides only a 1.25% increase in supplemental aid next school year, which would be the 3rd lowest on record and drop Iowa to 35th nationally in per student state funding.

Iowans can still sign up for the hearing by calling 515-281-5129 or going on-line to www.legis.iowa.gov and click on “Public Hearing.”