Rep. Cindy WincklerIn an effort to make sure Iowa students are prepared for jobs in today’s global economy, the Iowa House today raised education standards and maintained their commitment to Iowans by expanding pre-school, bringing teacher pay to 25th in the nation, and keeping higher education affordable for Iowans.

“Every Iowa student needs the skills necessary to compete with kids from around the globe and succeed in the 21st Century workplace. We raised education standards to ensure every Iowa child gets a good education and we are keeping the promises we made last year in preschool, teacher pay, and affordable higher education,” said State Representative Cindy Winckler of Davenport, who chairs the House Education Appropriations Subcommittee.

Senate File 2216, which was approved on a 97-3 vote, requires schools to adopt statewide standards through the Iowa model core curriculum. The House also approved House File 2679, the education budget, which includes $15 million for a quality, affordable preschool program for 90% of four-year olds. The budget also includes $75 million more to raise teacher pay to the national average and $7.5 million more for community colleges to keep tuition affordable for all Iowans.

“While it is a tight budget year, I’m proud that this Legislature is keeping the commitments we made to Iowa students and teachers. With a shortage of workers on the horizon, Iowa businesses will also benefit from a highly-skilled workforce,” said Winckler.