Opening Remarks from State Rep. Mary Mascher (D-Iowa City) on SF 2088, state government reorganization:

“Senate File 2088 is our long awaited state government reorganization bill.  The bill passed the House State Government Committee last week on a vote of 20-1. It will save the tax payers of Iowa over 100 million dollars.  It is the first substantial reorganization effort in nearly 25 years.  The provisions in the bill will result in a leaner more efficient state government.  We accomplish this through consolidating state purchasing and information technology, eliminating and consolidating boards and commissions, and reducing the number of FTE’s throughout state government.

The ideas for these efficiencies came from every corner of the state.  We heard from state workers, department heads, supervisors, legislators and most importantly the people of Iowa.  We also listened to each other and incorporated many of the suggestions of the minority party in our efforts to save state dollars.  The message from everyone was clear; we must eliminate waste, provide services more efficiently, and reduce the size of state government.

By utilizing new technologies, the state of Iowa can save money this year, and every year that follows.  Technology is a common sense solution to making government more responsive and efficient.

In this new decade, the State of Iowa should take a page from the business community and utilize the purchasing power of all of its departments.  Every year the state purchases thousands of goods and services; from office supplies to pick-up trucks, asphalt for our roads and food for our needy families – we can continue to make these purchases, and save money while we do it.  This bill requires departments and state agencies to work together to save the taxpayers money.  We will also be calling upon the regents to collaborate and assist by utilizing their purchasing power when possible and assisting the state in our bidding processes.

Reorganizing dozens of departments and state agencies and eliminating waste doesn’t come easily but the results will be noticed by every Iowan throughout the state.

From cost-saving measures to making state government more efficient, to improving the services that the state offers – this bill is a major step forward.  By reorganizing state government, we have eliminated redundancies, saved taxpayer dollars and helped Iowa do more with less.

The bill makes Iowa stronger and more responsive to its people and most importantly it eliminates waste and saves millions of dollars.”