Last month, Iowa House Democrats across the state outlined our agenda to grow Iowa’s middle class and re-vitalize rural Iowa. Our plan focuses on five major areas – boosting the middle class; building Iowa’s skilled workforce; re-vitalizing rural Iowa; preserving Iowa’s land and water; and protecting seniors, vulnerable Iowans and children.

We are ready to work together to improve the lives of regular people and build a strong middle class. Our plan provides more economic security to working families and creates more opportunities for people by growing our economy and expanding efforts to grow our skilled workforce.

Other ideas to grow the middle class include: expanding job training opportunities for workers to upgrade their skills; targeting state incentives to small businesses and entrepreneurs; making child care more affordable; and giving Iowa companies first crack at state contracts to create jobs here in Iowa, not overseas. 

Led by our House Rural Caucus, we’ve also put together a plan to re-vitalize rural Iowa. Over the last 50 years, many rural communities have experienced a significant decline in population and we’ve got to reverse that trend.  We will partner with rural communities to capitalize on their own unique strengths to create good jobs and improve their quality of life. We will also boost our efforts in renewable energy to add more value to the crops of our farmers, create good jobs, and keep our air and water clean.

The plan to re-vitalize rural Iowa also includes expanding broadband and wi-fi to more communities and small businesses, supporting 1st time farmers, and guaranteeing students and workers in rural areas have access to quality education and job training.

When we are in the majority, the middle class and regular Iowans will always be our top priority, not special interests or ideological agendas. We will work together to make sure the State Capitol doesn’t turn into Washington, D.C. because Iowans deserve better.

More details and information on our plan to build a strong middle class are available at

Contact Leader Mark Smith

Iowa Statehouse
Des Moines, IA 50319

PHONE: 515-281-3054



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