Governor Terry Branstad delivered the annual Condition of the State address in a joint session of the Iowa Legislature on Tuesday.  Democrats joined the Governor’s call for bi-partisan on job creation and helping small businesses.  In the photo below, State Representative John Wittneben of Estherville was one of the legislators who escorted Governor Branstad to the House Chambers.

Here’s the statement from Rep. Tyler Olson of Cedar Rapids, the lead Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee:

House Democrats are encouraged by the Governor’s focus in his budget on job creation and improving our schools. We are ready to work with the Governor and Republicans this session to help create jobs.

House Democrats will also oppose any effort to weaken the middle class or reward Wall Street over Iowa’s Main Street businesses.

In these tough economic times when many Iowans – including veterans returning from service overseas — are looking for work, we’re disappointed the Governor has no plan to reopen the workforce centers. We are committed to reopening the centers that will help Iowans learn new skills to land a good-paying job and help local businesses find workers.