House Democrats today unveiled their plan for the 2009 legislative session. The Plan to Secure Iowa’s Economic Future focuses on helping middle class families and businesses succeed in today’s challenging global economy.

“Middle class families and small businesses are being hit financially by high gasoline and energy prices, increasing healthcare costs, potential job loss, and natural disasters. Our plan will provide more economic security for Iowa families and businesses,” said House Speaker Pat Murphy of Dubuque.

The Plan to Secure Iowa’s Economic Future has three major components – making Iowa an energy independent “green” state, rewarding hard work and playing by the rules, and equipping our children for the future. The plan includes more job training opportunities, support for veterans, incentives to expand renewable energy, jail time for CEO’s exploiting children and immigrants, and initiatives to raise graduation rates and keep higher education affordable.

“I’m proud we’ve made good on the promises we made to Iowans two years ago while balancing the state budget and keeping the state’s fiscal house in order. We’ve built the state’s reserves to $620 million, which is the largest amount in state history, and just last week our credit rating was upgraded by Standard & Poors, which cited our prudent fiscal management,” said House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Two years ago, House Democrats outlined a Plan for Prosperity that served as their road map in the 2007 and 2008 legislative sessions. They completed 15 of the 16 items on their agenda, including raising the minimum wage, helping small businesses with health insurance costs, creating 2,000 “green” jobs, and raising teacher pay and academic standards.