Keeping Iowans Healthy 

o   Access to affordable health care, including mental health

o   Ensure universal access to COVID testing, contact tracing and PPE in all 99 counties

o   Keep hospitals and local health care clinics open

o   Free coronavirus vaccine once available

o   Support mitigation efforts by cities, counties and emergency management commissions

o   Prepare for fall COVID resurgence

Opening Businesses Safely & Protecting Workers

o   Help small businesses reopen safely and help them stay open

o   Tests for Iowans returning to the workforce and retesting at workplaces when an employee tests positive

o   Financial security for businesses and workers with COVID positive case

o   Expand whistleblower protections and workers compensation during pandemics, including first responders and health care workers

o   Expand protections for renters and homeowners during pandemics and severe economic downturns

o   Expand community college opportunities to help Iowans get back to work

o   Paid pandemic leave for workers to stay home when they are sick

Kids Learning & Growing Safely

o   Protect K-12 public education funding

o   Provide universal access to technology and home-based internet for students

o   Provide PPE for all educators and students

o   Increase childcare services for Iowa families

o   Provide timely guidance to schools, parents and students on reopening

COVID Transparency & Accountability 

o   Expand vote-at-home opportunities statewide

o   Oversight of Test Iowa and other no-bid contracts

o   Require immediate public notification of COVID outbreaks and end threshold reporting requirement

o   Require OSHA inspections and enforcement during health care emergencies