Des Moines, Iowa - On a bi-partisan 64-31 vote, the Iowa House today approved a
ban on text messaging while driving. 
"After teaching students about responsibility on our roadways for 30 years, I 
understand the dangers of distracted driving and I'm gald we were able to work 
together to ban texting while driving. The commone sense bill we approved 
today will prevent accidents and save lives," said State Representative Curt
Hanson of Fairfield, who co-managed and won approval of the bill in the House.
House File 2456 prohibits text messaging, instant messaging and e-mailing while 
driving a motor vehicle. Violators will be charged with a simple misdemeanor and
a $30 fine. If texting is the cause of an accident that results in serious injury or
death, penalties increase up to a $1,000 fine and 180 day license suspension.
The bill now goes to Senate.