HOUSE APPROVES NEW PROTECTIONS FOR IDENTITY THEFTThe Iowa House today approved a security freeze and requirement for businesses and government entities to notify Iowa consumers of a security breach of their personal information.

“In today’s high-tech world, Iowans need additional protections from identity theft. In 2007 alone, 127 million credit card holders were affected by security breaches and a victim of identity theft spends, on average, 175 hours and $808 to correct the situation. I’m confident that the bills we approved today will help consumers protect their personal information and prevent identity theft,” said State Representative Doris Kelley, D-Waterloo, who managed the bill in the House.

Victims of identity theft would be able to freeze future release of their credit information by the three national credit information organizations in Senate File 2277. There would be no charge for the credit freeze if the consumer has had their personal information stolen.

In another bill, Senate File 2308, public or private entities that experience a security breach of personal information would be required to notify Iowans. The bill also establishes penalties for public officials or employees who intentionally sell personal information of Iowans for personal gain.

Senate File 2277 now goes to the Governor. Senate File 2308 was amended and now returns to the Senate.[quicktime][/quicktime]