Rep. Paul BellLed by State Representative Paul Bell, D-Newton, the Iowa House today approved a resolution to add an amendment to Iowa’s constitution that creates a new natural resources and outdoor recreation trust fund. Senate Joint Resolution 2002, which is the top priority of conservation groups, hunters and fishers, is designed to protect and enhance water quality and natural areas, like parks, trails and wildlife habitat.

In order to be approved, SJR 2002 must pass the House and Senate again in the next General Assembly and then it would be on the ballot in November 2010 for a vote by the general public. If approved by the public, the amendment would dedicate 3/8th of 1 cent if the state’s sales tax is ever raised by a future Legislature.

The proposal was crafted by the Sustainable Natural Resource Funding Advisory Committee, which was established in 2006, with members from Ducks Unlimited, the Sierra Club, Farm Bureau, Iowa Environmental Council, Izaak Walton League, and others.