With winter just around the corner, starting October 1st Iowans who meet certain income guidelines and are at least 60 years of age or are disabled can now apply for assistance with their home heating bills. All other persons may apply, with certain income guidelines, beginning November 1st. If approved, the assistance will continue through April 30, 2016.

Persons who would like to apply for the assistance should contact their local Community Action Agency (CAA). To find your local CAA, log on to https://humanrights.iowa.gov/dcaa/where-apply or call the Department of Human Rights at 515-281-0859.

Known as LIHEAP (Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program), the program is limited to persons whose income is below $20,597 (single) or $27,878 (couple). If a household qualifies for LIHEAP, they are automatically qualified for the weatherization program, which uses federal funds to assist homeowners with winterizing their homes. Those projects could include insulation or even a new furnace. This program accepts households whose income is up to 200% of the federal poverty level. For more information about the weatherization project, contact your local Community Action Agency.