State Representative Chris Hall of Sioux City announced today that he will seek re-election in the new House District 13.

KCAU-TV, Sioux City  By Staci DaSilva

Current IA district 2 State Representative Chris Hall is seeking re-election when his term is up next November.

This was the Sioux City native’s first term in office. And his goals if he were to be re-elected? It’s all about economic development.

Rep. Hall said, “I think that there’s a real opportunity for this next session, especially for the people of my district, to work on economic development issues. As I mentioned, my committee appointments put me in a good place to do so and I think that there’s a real opportunity for bi-partisan work on economic development.”

Because of legislature re-districting earlier this year, Hall will be vying for the District 13 seat, but would still serve Sioux City.

From KCAU TV in Sioux City: