Governor Chet Culver today signed Senate File 2389, the “Infrastructure and Capitals Budget,” which includes a $150 million expansion of the I-JOBS Program to help meet our state infrastructure needs while putting Iowans back to work. Overall, the legislation includes funding for I-JOBS and the state’s Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund (RIIF) representing a total $273.7 million investment in our state.

Last year, Governor Culver signed legislation that created the I-JOBS initiative to help meet Iowa’s outstanding infrastructure needs while helping to create jobs and put Iowans back to work. With the legislation, I-JOBS’ total investment in our state’s infrastructure and economy now totals $875 million. Overall, the I-JOBS program will modernize Iowa’s public infrastructure, improve our bridges and roads, and help the state recover from the worst natural disasters in our history, all without raising taxes on hard-working Iowans.