The new school year starts next month for half a million Iowa kids, but schools still don’t know how much money they will get from the state.  That’s because Republicans in Iowa have adopted a gridlock strategy straight from Washington, DC that has left schools in budget uncertainty for a year and a half.

Republicans in the House said the state can’t afford any increase in school funding beyond 1.25% next year.  However, they finally agreed to provide $56 million in additional one-time funding next year because Democrats insisted on keeping class sizes low and preventing higher property taxes.

Now, the Republican Governor is threatening to veto the $56 million in one-time funding agreed to by House Republicans because he is philosophically opposed to it.

Republicans have left schools in budget uncertainty for too long and it has real consequences for our kids: fewer educators, larger class sizes, and higher property taxes.

To help Iowans understand how the school funding crisis will impact their local schools, we asked every Iowa superintendent to share their budget plans for the upcoming school year.

Clink on the link below to find information about your school district (full, unedited results from superintendents).

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School Budget Survey of Iowa Superintendents (Sent April 21st)
1. How many pink slips will you issue before the April 30 deadline?
2. How many positions will go unfilled next year (i.e. retirements not replaced)?
3. Does the budget you submitted for certification raise property taxes?
4. Will any programs or activities be cut next school year? If so, which ones?
5. Will class sizes increase due to budget cuts and staff reductions? If so, how many more students will you have per classroom? Specific grades and/or subject areas are appreciated.