Iowa House Democrats released a four-point plan to make child care more affordable and accessible to Iowa families.

The four-point plan includes:

  1. Grants to expand or open a new licensed child care facility to end child care deserts and give families more options for child care. The new Child Care Center and Child Development Home Grant Fund would provide direct financial assistance to startup or expand licensed child care facilities.
  2. Partner with small business to expand child care to encourage more small businesses to provide child care benefits to their employees through tax credits. The benefits include building or fixing an existing structure at or near the small business or operating or leasing a building to operate a child care center for their employees.
  3. Expand child care assistance to another 7,300 children by increasing the child care assistance (CCA) program. CCA is available to families with income less than 145% of the federal poverty level (FPL), which is $30,132 for a family of three in Iowa.
  4. Expand child care and dependent care tax credit to more families. Currently, the credit is only available for families with an income under $45,000 and it still falls well short of the actual cost of child care. The plan will double the tax credit for low-income families and expand it to more families who still struggle to pay for child care.

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