On Friday, February 21, 2020 , the Legislature hit the first self-imposed deadline to narrow the number of bills still eligible for debate, called the “funnel”. While there are a few exceptions for tax and budget bills, any bill that has not cleared a House or Senate Committee is dead for the year. Click to see the full list of bills that are eligible for debate in the House and Senate (sorted by committee).

Democrats: Everyday Iowans Come First

Bringing Better Jobs to Your Community

  • Opening new doors by expanding job training & apprenticeships
  • Restoring & protecting the rights of Iowa workers
  • Ensuring all Iowans can retire in dignity
  • Promoting renewable Iowa energy jobs and lower utility bills
  • Creating good jobs by investing in infrastructure improvements

Affordable & Accessible Health Care

  • Protecting Iowans with pre-existing conditions
  • Ensuring access to quality, affordable health care, including mental health care
  • Making family planning services available to Iowans statewide
  • Protecting seniors from financial exploitation, neglect and abuse

Best Education in the Country

  • Investing in public schools to reduce class size and produce a highly-skilled workforce
  • Giving every Iowa child access to quality preschool
  • Empowering and respecting educators
  • Ensuring every Iowan can afford to attend a community college, private college, or state university
  • Protecting rural schools from forced consolidation

Revitalize Small Towns & Rural Areas

  • Expanding job creation efforts in all 99 counties
  • Improving water quality and protecting Iowa’s environment
  • Expanding access to high-speed internet in rural areas & small towns
  • Making sure all Iowans have access to safe, affordable housing
  • Increasing cultural and recreational opportunities


Reynolds & GOP: Special Interests Come First

  • Making it easier for businesses to misclassify workers and avoid paying taxes or provide benefits (HF 2479/SF 2296)
  • Another record low state investment in public schools (SF 2142)
  • Lowering unemployment benefits for workers displaced by a plant closure (HF 2462/ SF 2333)
  • New barriers for a woman to make her own personal medical decisions (HF 2478, HF 2480, HSB 678, SF 2215)
  • Constitutional Amendment to ban abortion, even in cases of rape or incest (SJR 2001/HJR 2004)
  • Limiting authority of cities/counties to require licenses for businesses operated by minors (SF 2241)
  • Voluntary diversity plans for open enrollment (SF 199)
  • Reducing access to food and healthcare for children and families (SF 2272/SSB 3158)
  • Prohibiting cities from making criminal justice reforms (HF 2309)
  • Vouchers that shift money out of public schools (SF 547)
  • Turning away mothers and kids who use federal assistance to move into a better neighborhood and school system (SSB 3178)
  • Raising taxes on Iowans with fixed incomes to pay for another tax cut for millionaires (SSB 3116, HSB 657)
  • Creating new roadblocks for Iowans suffering from asbestos-related diseases to get compensation (HSB 600)
  • Allows Governor to create health insurance plans that can deny coverage to Iowans with pre-existing conditions (HF 2403)

Bi-Partisan Bills Moving Ahead

  • Expanding hands free driving law to save lives (HF 2375/SF 2248)
  • Adult changing stations at rest areas (HF 2097)
  • Lifetime commercial driver’s license ban for individuals convicted of human trafficking (HF 2235/SF 2089)
  • Holding pharmacy benefit managers accountable (HSB 685)
  • Ending “cliff” effect for child care assistance program (HF 2424)
  • Capping insulin costs for Iowans at $100 per month (HF 2138)
  • Expanding access to tele-health care in rural areas (HF 2192)
  • Keeping more seniors in their homes (HF 2269/SF 2345)
  • Increasing Child Care Assistance rates (HF 2270)
  • Expanding primary health care practice areas to more rural areas (HF 2197)
  • Creating new child care workforce matching grants (HF 2171)
  • Protecting the confidential information of veterans (HF 2382)
  • Removing fees for veterans trying to claim benefits (HF 2236)
  • Transportation equity funding (SF 2164)
  • Adding help line for drugs/alcohol/suicide on student ID cards (SF 2081)
  • Raising minimum age for tobacco and vaping (SF 2268)
  • Treating adoptive parents the same as birth parents for employment leave benefits (SF 2165/HF 2417)
  • Protecting workers by prohibiting unnecessary noncompete agreements (SF 2332)
  • Protecting pensions of law enforcement (HSB 551)
  • Making emergency medical services essential in rural areas (HF 2434)
  • Disaster recovery assistance for homeowners (HF 2406/SF 2314)
  • Protecting veterinarians who report animal abuse (HF 2374)
  • Extending renewable energy tax credits (HF 2279/SF 628)
  • Providing tourism opportunities by extending hotel/motel tax (HF 2281/SF 2085)
  • Expanding firefighter/EMT/reserve police officer volunteer tax credit (HF 2280)
  • Protecting freedom of speech with Anti-SLAPP lawsuits (HF 2339)
  • New information used to make juries more diverse (HF 662/SF 375)
  • Improving literacy development for kids who are deaf and hearing impaired (HSB 680)
  • Expanding Medicaid coverage for breast pumps (SF 2319/HF 2215)
  • Help more foster kids transition to adulthood (SF 2311/HF 2220)
  • Preventing the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (HF 2458)
  • Raising the fine for killing a Bald Eagle to $2,500 (HF 326)
  • Modernizing Iowa’s bottle bill (HSB 507)
  • Restoring felon voting rights and improving security of elections (HSB 545)

Good News: These GOP Bills Are Dead

  • Bans and punishes doctors from performing gender-affirming surgery on minors (HF 2272)
  • New barriers for kids who need food assistance through SNAP (HF 2030)
  • Requires Iowa Dept. of Public Health to post potentially misleading information on vaccines to their web page (HF 2141)
  • Repeal the Iowa Code (HF 2058)
  • Freedom of Religion Act that legalizes discrimination (HF 2273/SF 2193)
  • Removes gender identity from Iowa’s Civil Rights Act (HF 2164)
  • Prohibits use of fluoride-based additives in public/private drinking water (HF 187)
  • Repealing the bottle bill (HF 2205)
  • Creating new way to discriminate against LGBTQ Iowans (SF 508)
  • Putting up new roadblocks for a woman to make her own personal medical decisions (SF 2215)