On Friday, March 8, the Legislature hit the first self-imposed deadline to narrow the number of bills still eligible for debate, called the “funnel”. While there are a few exceptions for tax and budget bills, any bill that has not cleared a House or Senate Committee is dead for the year. Click to see the full list of bills that are eligible for debate in the House and Senate (sorted by committee).

Democrats: Everyday Iowans Come First

Bringing Better Jobs to Your Community

  • Opening new doors by expanding job training & apprenticeships
  • Restoring & protecting the rights of Iowa workers
  • Ensuring all Iowans can retire in dignity
  • Promoting renewable Iowa energy jobs and lower utility bills
  • Creating good jobs by investing in infrastructure improvements

Affordable & Accessible Health Care

  • Protecting Iowans with pre-existing conditions
  • Ensuring access to quality, affordable health care, including mental health care
  • Making family planning services available to Iowans statewide
  • Protecting seniors from financial exploitation, neglect and abuse

Best Education in the Country

  • Investing in public schools to reduce class size and produce a highly-skilled workforce
  • Giving every Iowa child access to quality preschool
  • Empowering and respecting educators
  • Ensuring every Iowan can afford to attend a community college, private college, or state university
  • Protecting rural schools from forced consolidation

Revitalize Small Towns & Rural Areas

  • Expanding job creation efforts in all 99 counties
  • Improving water quality and protecting Iowa’s environment
  • Expanding access to high-speed internet in rural areas & small towns
  • Making sure all Iowans have access to safe, affordable housing
  • Increasing cultural and recreational opportunities

Reynolds & GOP: Special Interests Come First

  • Another record low state investment in public schools (HF 306)
  • Vouchers that shift tax money from public schools to limited private school students (SF 372)
  • Constitutional amendment banning abortion in all cases, including rape & incest (SJR 9)
  • Politicizing judicial branch by allowing GOP to appoint judges (SF 237/HF 503)
  • Eliminating background checks before buying guns (HJR 13/SJR 18)
  • Allowing discrimination by student groups at colleges (HF 276)
  • Allowing landlords to raise fees on renters (SF 463/HF 638)
  • Religious exemptions, license to discriminate (SF 508/HF 258)
  • Allowing concealed weapons in schools, gun free zones, courthouses, and public/private workplaces (HF 636)
  • Repealing the state inheritance tax (SF 307/HF 438)
  • Taking away local government & school boards right to advocate at the State Capitol, but allowing special interests to keep their lobbyist (SSB 1229)
  • Ensuring more voter suppression (SSB 1241)
  • Reinstating the death penalty (SF 296)

Bi-Partisan Bills Moving Ahead

  • Making sure every vote counts (HF 608)
  • Equalizing transportation funding for schools (HF 307)
  • Expanding medical cannabidiol program (HSB 244)
  • Requiring licensed professionals to help students modify/refinance student loans (HF 321/SF 272)
  • Preventing Iowans from losing professional license if behind on student loan repayments (HF 437/SF 304)
  • Expanding access to birth control for women (SF 513/HSB 214)
  • Protecting animals from abuse (SF 369/HSB 114)
  • Encouraging more school districts to partner & create new opportunities for students (SF 284)
  • Allowing industrial hemp production for Iowa farmers (SF 279/HSB 241)
  • Requiring pharmacy benefits managers to report cost of prescription drug rebates (HF 489/SF 347)
  • Treating adoptive parents the same as birth parents for employment leave benefits (SF 476)
  • Improving school infrastructure — SAVE (HF 546/SF 74)
  • Creating a children’s mental health system (SF 479/HSB 206)
  • Making it easier to get treatment for substance abuse disorders (HF 623)
  • Protecting animals and cracking down on puppy mills (HSB 227/SF 57)
  • Dispensing insulin in emergency situations (SF 530/HF 447)
  • Radon testing and mitigation in Iowa schools (HF 349)

Good News: These GOP Bills Are Dead

  • Prohibiting tenure at state universities & community colleges (SF 27)
  • Eliminating Iowa Dept. of Education & IPTV (SF 28/HF 348)
  • Prohibiting state dollars from acquiring public land for parks, bike trails, hunting, fishing, or other recreation (HF 542)
  • Allowing concealed weapons in places of worship (HF 51)
  • Banning abortion before most women know they are pregnant (SF 259)
  • Expanding charter schools and weaken requirements (HF 160/HSB 213)
  • Eliminating permits to carry concealed guns, allows guns in schools (HF 118/HF 385)
  • Loosening requirements on immunizations (SF 238/SF 239/HF 448)
  • Legalizing the date rape drug and other hallucinogenic drugs like LSD (HF 248)
  • Requiring Iowa kids to read a Russian book before graduating from high school (HF 194)
  • Prohibiting fluoride in drinking water (HF 187)
  • State monument for abortion victims (HF 153)
  • Eliminating education funding for Planned Parenthood (HF 257)
  • Punishing insurance companies who raise rates or refuse to provide coverage in schools that allow guns on property (HF 69)