Iowa Republicans are trying to pass the most extreme agenda in Iowa history. Fortunately, many pieces of their extreme agenda are dead and here are the highlights:

Republicans on Education:

  • Abolishing the Iowa Department of Education (SF 336)
  • Exempting home school students from all compulsory education and competent private instruction requirements (SF 277)

Divisive Social Issues:

  • Abolishing marriage equality in Iowa (SJR 5 & HJR 11)
  • Re-instating the death penalty in Iowa (SF 76)

War on Women:

  • Turning back the clock on women’s health care by outlawing some common forms of birth control and sending doctors to jail for trying to save a woman’s life (HF 138 & HJR12)
  • Requiring victims of rape or incest to list their abuser on birth certificate (HF 318)
  • Making divorce even more difficult for children and victims of abuse (HF 338)

Out of Touch on Guns and Public Safety:

  • Allowing anyone with a licensed gun to carry it on school grounds (SF 251 & HF 169)
  • School employees can get a permit to carry guns in schools (HF 172)
  • Iowa public safety officials can’t enforce any federal gun law (HF 383)
  • Repealing all of Iowa’s gun laws, allow criminals to carry weapons (HJR 4)
  • License to kill by giving violent criminals immunity (HF 57)

Other Stuff:

  • Allowing special interests and lobbyists to write administrative rules (SF 166)
  • Nullifying the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (SF 81)
  • Repealing licensure requirements for electricians and electrical contractors (SF 94)
  • Gold and silver coins can be used for all financial transactions (HF 346)
  • Tin foil hat stuff: State and local government can’t participate in UN Agenda 21 (HF 66)