The Iowa House will be debating the education reform bill tomorrow,  Tuesday March 13th late tomorrow morning.

Read the bill House File 2380.

Read the bill analysis here.

You can watch the debate live here.

Read the differences between the House, Senate and Governor’s proposals below:

Governor House Senate
3rd Grade Retention Yes Yes, starts in 2016-17 Increased support for early-grade literacy
Expand Charter School Law Yes Yes No
Expands Iowa Core Subjects Music, applied arts, foreign language, character Ed, entrepreneurship Music, applied arts, foreign language, entrepreneurship Music, applied arts, foreign language, character Ed, entrepreneurship
Online learning Repeals current law, allows 100% online instruction with full 1% weighting Study issue; prohibit exclusive online instruction with .3 weighting. Online learning only up to 50% of coursework with no weighting.
Allows Certain Schools to Continue On-line Program Yes No No
Teacher Evaluations – current law is every 3 years Every year from administrators Every year from administrators Every year, but two years come from teacher peers
Alternative Teacher Licensure Yes No No
Teacher layoffs based on performance, not seniority Yes Yes No
Statewide clearinghouse for Iowa teachers Yes No, Dept. maintains website for jobs No
New teacher probation period from 3 to 5 years Yes Yes No
3.0 Minimum GPA for Teacher Prep Program Yes No No, study
Student Teaching Requirement 15 Weeks Current 12 weeks 14 Weeks
End of course exams before graduation Yes Yes, Starts 2013-14 No
Kindergarten Readiness Yes Yes Yes
Require Juniors to take ACT Yes ACT or Career Readiness Yes
Pre K -11 Value Added Assessment Method Yes, starts 2013-14 Yes, starts 2013-114 No
Random students take international test every three years Yes No No
Extended school day or year Task Force Task Force Pilot program to add 10 days
Statewide Parent Advocacy Network Yes No Yes
School Administration Manager (SAMs) Yes No Yes
Innovation Acceleration Program Yes Yes No
Competency Based Education Study No Yes Yes
Competency Based Extended Waiver No Yes No
Competency Based Unit Defined Yes No, would be defined by study Yes
10% Cut to Prof. Development Yes Yes No
“Home Rule” No Yes No