Education Funding

Investing in Iowa Schools

Iowans have always had great pride in our public schools. However, the state’s new investment in public schools has been the lowest in Iowa history over the last decade.  The low state funding for schools has not kept up with their rising costs leading to 126 public school building closures. Schools have also been forced to raise class sizes, delay technology upgrades, and reduce opportunities for students.

It’s time to make Iowa the national leader in education again and build Iowa’s skilled workforce.  We need to invest in our public schools so we can reduce class sizes, expand opportunities, and keep our schools safe.

Our Plan

  • Increase the state’s investment in public schools by $133 million

  • Expand preschool with an additional investment of $400,000

  • Prevent more school districts from raising property taxes to stay open

  • Dedicate $200,000 more to make sure teachers have the tools needed to be successful

  • Lower class size with an additional $200,000 investment