Democrats supported a plan to grow Iowa’s skilled workforce with lower tuition at Iowa’s community colleges and state universities today while also expanding early childhood education to more Iowa kids.

With a skilled worker shortage on the horizon,  boosting Iowa’s skilled workforce and growing the middle class was part of the plan brought forth by Democratic Legislators.  This means keeping higher education affordable for all Iowa kids so they can get the skills they need to land a good job

Under the plan, supported community colleges and state universities would not just freeze, but actually lower tuition for Iowa students next year.  Other parts of the plan include expanding preschool to more four year olds, preventing bullying in schools, and setting basic state aid for schools, often called allowable growth.

Although, Democrats brought forward the plan, it was not approved by the full Iowa House, the bill, Senate File 2347, now returns to the Iowa Senate.  Lawmakers will have to reach agreement on the bill before adjourning for the year.

It’s important for the Legislature to set funding for Iowa’s public schools, as required by law, so schools can enact plans to boost student achievement.  The funding level for schools was supposed to be set in February, but the majority party in the House and Governor Branstad refused to act.


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