“Congratulations to Dr. Phil Miller on tonight’s decisive victory in Southeast Iowa. Dr. Miller will be a strong voice for the people of his district next session. His victory shows the people of Iowa are tired of divisive politics. They expect us to work together to create good jobs with better wages, make healthcare affordable and accessible, and invest in world-class schools.

Iowa Republicans reached a new low in this special election with vicious and untrue negative attacks against LGBTQ kids and Dr. Miller. My thanks to the voters of Davis, Jefferson, and Van Buren Counties for rejecting these negative attacks and doing what’s right.

In a district won Trump won by 21% last year, the decisive 54-44% victory tonight is great news for Democrats across Iowa and the nation. The net shift in this district is 31 points.

With the right candidate and hard work, Democrats can win back rural seats that went heavily for Trump last cycle.

Voters in rural Iowa got a taste of the GOP agenda last session and soundly rejected it this summer. From starving local schools to making it more difficult to get health care to massive corporate tax giveaways, rural Iowans are beginning to understand that the Trump/GOP agenda is good for the special interests but bad for them.”

Statement from State Representative-elect Dr. Phil Miller:

“My thanks to the voters of House District 82 for their support tonight. I’m honored and humbled to be their State Representative and follow in the footsteps of the late Rep. Curt Hanson. I will listen to the people of Davis, Jefferson, and Van Buren Counties and always do what’s right.

The voters sent a clear message tonight that they are tired of politics of usual. It’s time for us to work together for higher wages and new opportunities in our community; strengthen our local schools; make sure healthcare is both affordable and accessible; and protect our natural resources.”

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