Yet another article released this week ranks Des Moines as on of the top 10 best cities to live in or move to. Spriling’s report of the “10 Best Cities to Move To” ranked Des Moines number sixth on the list because of it’s nice culture, cost of living and low unemployment rate.

From the report:

The unemployment rate is 7.1 percent, below the national average of 10.2 percent. It has a lot to offer job-wise besides farming: There are over 400 factories there (to process those farmed goods), plus it’s a hub for the insurance industry with nearly 60 companies claiming their headquarters here.

Sperling’s’ list takes into consideration all kinds of data points from cost of living to crime rates, the number of colleges and how healthy the population is, as well as access to museums, shows, sporting and other events. Plus, one you might not think of – stability.

To see the full list of cities visit: