Democrats made gains throughout the country last week – gaining control of 3 more chambers and increasing the number of Democrats is state legislatures by 100 members.   A number of these gains can be traced to the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.  They have a post here:

The 2008 election showed the strength of our nation’s Democratic leaders up and down the ticket. Just as they have done in each of the five previous elections, our state lawmakers made important gains.

Our prior wins significantly increased the number of chambers that we needed to defend, and heading into Election Day, Republicans were telling the press that this might be their year to reverse the Democratic trend and win a slew of legislative victories.

It simply wasn’t.

Prior to this election, we held majorities 57 chambers. We now control at least 60. Each of those wins is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and skill of our state Democratic lawmakers all over the country.