Lawmakers called on the House Oversight Committee to continue their work reviewing the cases of the two teenage girls who died recently and take additional steps quickly to prevent other tragedies.

Legislators are concerned about the care that ultimately led to the starvation deaths of two sixteen year old girls in the past eight months. Legislators are asking the Department of Human Services, Governor Reynolds, and fellow lawmakers to continue working on this and act quickly to evaluate other children who may be in the same situation by proposing the following:

– Monthly Government Oversight meetings during the interim to review the progress of the Department of Human Services (DHS) and to hear from the DHS review team, parent groups, frontline DHS workers, Department of Education, home schooling coordinators, patrol officers, Child Welfare Advisory Committee, Iowa Child Death Review Team and current and future vendors who hold contracts with DHS.
– A complete review and in-person follow up with every DHS case in which a child was fostered, adopted and is now home schooled.
– Require parents who receives a state subsidy for an adopted or fostered child to have that child meet with a medical professional and a representative of DHS once a year.
– The immediate hiring of 25 new social workers statewide to help with the burdensome caseload.
– Begin educating Iowans about the Department of Human Service’s 24-hour child abuse hotline where tips can be left anonymously. If you see something, Iowans should call 1-800-362-2178 or if they believe a child is in immediate danger, call 911.

The Legislature’s Government Oversight Committee last met on Monday, June 5th. At this time, no additional meeting has been scheduled.