HF 2392, certain city utilities or city enterprises by making changes to procedures for notice and collection of delinquent charges

SF 2325, grow Iowa values fund by allocating moneys for the physical infrastructure assistance program and changing certain job and wage requirements

SF 2036, division of criminal and juvenile justice planning of the department of human rights by making changes to the membership of the council, permitting access to the records of the department of workforce development, and modifying the sex offender treatment and supervision task force

SF 2124, authorized expenditures from the veterans trust fund and providing for emergency rulemaking authority

SF 2212, determinations in child in need of assistance proceedings, and modifying circumstances for termination of parental rights

SF 2217, providing legal representation to an eligible indigent person and the appointment of a guardian ad litem

SF 2335, rights of a victim of an alleged sexual assault and notification of these rights by a peace officer