Since the beginning of March, flu activity has decreased in both Iowa and the United States. The percentage of positive influenza tests have dropped from 32% in January to 25% this month. The peak of the flu season was January and February of this year.

The main flu strain was AH3N2, and this particular strain usually came on suddenly and typically lasted two to seven days. Symptoms included headache, fever, sore throat, congestion and body aches. There have been 235 flu-related mortalities and about 1700 flu-related hospitalizations from October 1, 2017 to March 17, 2018. This compares to 101 flu-related mortalities during the same time period last year.

Though flu activity has decreased, it is important to still protect yourself. Receiving the flu vaccination, washing your hands, staying home when sick and covering your cough can all prevent the spread of this virus.

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