One year ago today, House Democrats and Curt Hanson won a surprise victory against the House Republicans and Stephen Burgmeier. It was clear that the Republicans thought they were going to win this race. All signs pointed to a Republican victory. The environment was turning; the Republican base was motivated. It was after all the summer of “death panels” and unruly town hall meetings. Special interest groups were pouring in hundreds of thousands of dollars to run negative tv commercials.

But through smart campaigning and hard work, Curt Hanson won.

Republicans, lobbyists and special interest groups thought they had it in the bag. It’s hard to forget these quotes last summer:

”It should be a real indicator of where things are headed,” said Ed Failor Jr., director of Iowans for Tax Relief, which typically supports Republican candidates. ”Whoever wins is going to have a little bit of a better opportunity to say this is what we can do, this is what we can produce,” said Ed Failor, ITR. (AP, 7/29/09)

Republican Party Chairman Matt Strawn said in an e-newsletter that this race is a “must win.”

“I think the larger implications have to do with momentum,” said House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen, R-Hiawatha. (DMR, 8/23/09)

“We’re going to win it. That’s our expectation,” said Jeff Boeyink, executive director of the Iowa Republican Party. “… but it’s just the kind of district we need to win if we are going to retake the majority, and we’re going for it.”(DMR, 8/23/09)

Curt Hanson’s victory one year ago today proved that hard work and smart campaigning make all the difference. Today, House Democrats are applying those same principles to protect the Majority in the Iowa House.  But like a year ago, we can’t do it alone. We need your support. You can contribute here to make sure the Republican leaders are wrong again.