Students who complete a community college program earn higher wages, particularly in technical areas, according to a report released by the Iowa Department of Education. 


The Annual Condition of Iowa’s Community Colleges 2009 report was released January 14. The report had special emphasis on the workforce outcomes of students.  The report finds that Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees earn nearly 56 cents more for each dollar they invested in obtaining the two-year degree in a career or technical field. 

The report also shows that certain program areas and educational paths pay off more than others. 


“Two-year career and technical programs are a great value for students, however these programs are the most expensive for colleges to offer and with enrollment soaring, many are filled to capacity and have waiting lists,” Judy Jeffrey, director of the Iowa Department of Education said. 


To learn more about the Annual Condition of Iowa’s Community Colleges 2009 report, visit the Iowa Department of Education’s website at