Iowa lawmakers wrapped up the 2014 legislative session today and made some progress this year to grow Iowa’s middle class.

Working together, the legislature continued key job training initiatives and expanded apprenticeship opportunities to boost our skilled workforce and help Iowans land a good job. They also were able to freeze tuition at our state universities for the second year in a row and encourage more use of renewable energy. The legislature maintained Iowa’s balanced budget, expanded child care assistance to families, helped veterans re-enter the private workforce, and protected vulnerable seniors from neglect or abuse.

Other highlights of the 2014 session include: better mentoring for teachers to improve student achievement, radon testing in local schools to protect kids, $25 million to preserve Iowa’s natural resources for the 25th anniversary of REAP, improved historic preservation tax credits to revitalize local communities, additional money to repair Iowa’s roads and bridges, and protected minors from sexually violent predators and identity theft.