Today, Chief Justice Mark Cady delivered the annual State of the Judiciary to a joint session of the Iowa House and Senate. Justice Cady is serving as the interim chief justice until new justices are appointed to fill three vacancies currently on the court. The Chief Justice focused on Iowans access to the judicial system and on challenges faced by the judicial branch because of the current political climate.

“Unlike our political institutions, courts serve the law, not the interests of constituents. Courts serve the law, not the demands of special interest groups. Courts serve the law, not the electorate’s reaction to a particular decision. By serving the rule of law, courts protect the civil, political, economic, and social rights of all citizens. Chief Justice William Rehnquist called the independence that allows judges to serve the law “the crown jewel of our system of justice.”

Read full text of Chief Justice Cady’s address here.

Pictured is Representative Dan Kelley of Newton with Chief Justice Cady before the State of Judiciary