Eric S Hungerford grew up in Manly, Iowa and attended North Central schools in Plymouth and Manly, graduating in 2001.  Eric participated in Boy Scouts of America and Future Problem Solvers throughout his youth among other interests such as music and web design.

Eric went to college at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa with studies in Electronic Media and Philosophy.  He left to live in Iowa City and attended Kirkwood Community College in 2004, learning basic political science.  Eric says his experiences at Wartburg, Kirkwood, North Central and elsewhere have helped him to commit to a life of learning.

Eric’s first job was working for Play It Again Sports, his father’s business.  There he learned basic shopkeeping principles and customer service.  While attending college Eric worked a variety of jobs including for Reach For Your Your Potential, a nonprofit group providing home placement and care services for physically and mentally disabled persons.  Here he learned that compassion and patience are truly virtues.

Eric has been interested in politics from a young age, holding jobs related to campaigns and political activism.  He believes our society functions best when we each do our part to move our state forward and says his decision to run for State Representative is a result of his desire to help the average Iowan bring main street values to the capitol.