Eric Brenneman was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  His family instilled in him at a young age that life is worth living in the service of others.  His father served his community every day for 31 years as a fire fighter with the Cedar Rapids Fire Department.  His mother provided the lesson that education is the cornerstone of success as she too served her community every day for over 30 years as an educator in the Cedar Rapids Community School District.  His grandfather started a small family business in 1968, Brenneman and Associates Inc., which is still owned and operated by his uncle today in Marion, Iowa.  This taught Eric the value of small business as the economic engine of the state.  These life lessons have made him who he is today.

Eric graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor’s degree in 2006. He also had a fondness of government and politics and so it was no surprise when he graduated with a major in political science.  He continued with his formal education in 2009 when he went back to school to achieve a Master’s of Public Administration degree in 2011 from the University of North Dakota.  He achieved this high level of education while maintaining his full time career.

Eric knew that he like his father was meant to help others in their time of need.  He served as a volunteer fire fighter throughout college with the Coralville Volunteer Fire Department.  It was this exposure that solidified his future as a fire fighter.  Eric struggled and persevered through many hiring processes to become a fire fighter but did not quit until he caught his dream.  Eric realized a life long dream, April 9th, 2007 when he began his first day of fire academy as a new recruit for the West Des Moines Fire Department.  He takes great pride in serving his community everyday.  He believes the fire department in its essence is among the best government has to offer, as no matter who dials 9-1-1 they respond without question to help.  Being a fire fighter Eric is already looked at as a community leader.  Fire fighting has also given him critical experience as an effective decision-maker lives depend on this ability.

Eric married his exceptional wife Melanie in June of 2009.   They were married at the Lutheran Church of Hope where they are still members and attend worship regularly.  Melanie graduated from Saint Ambrose University, which is located in Davenport, Iowa in 2009, with Doctorate of Physical Therapy.  She now takes great pride in serving her patients, whose independence was once lost.  Eric and Melanie planted their roots deeper by building their home in West Des Moines, with a backyard, which includes a Waukee Elementary school as this is among the finest school districts in the state.  They extended their family in 2010 when they rescued a puppy, Tipper, from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa.

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